Memes for Hope

This is an archive of the stuff floating around the interwebs lately. Spread ’em like butter, please.

Firstly, some righteous rage, with shots of Footscray from Pataphysics. 

This is one of the most sensible, comprehensible statements from Julian Burnside. It came out just before Rudd’s announcement of the PNG plan.

Here is the Get Up link to send a letter of protest:

Here is former Liberal Prime Minister Malcom Fraser’s comment on the Boat People Hysteria.

Here is a great series of images and graphs of the “Boat People Problem”.

Here is the Guardian Reporting Rudd’s policy plans.

Here is an image of Rudd’s cynical hypocrisy. Lying turd.

Here is Aamer Rahmen’s latest bleak-humoured account of Abbott’s ludicrous attempt to out-right Rudd.

Here is one decent politician, Greens: Christine Milne, speaking for the children who are being persecuted by this nasty game of political football.

Here is a petition created by Amnesty International

Here is another great article by the Guardian on Australians rapacious paternalism towards PNG

Here is Sen Raj’s pithy article exposing the flaws in the PNG solution for Gay and Lesbian asylum seekers.

Here is a report about the rapes and abuses on Manus Island. At least onshore detention centres are easier for people to monitor.

Here is a lovely song by UrthboyImage – based on the lyrics from detainee Jamshed . It probably goes well with my last post….

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