Open sourcing education

OK – university has resumed in a crazy whirl and I’m realising that I have very little time for anything else for the next 4 months.

I gnash my teeth at the insanity of university bureaucracy and the timewasting I have had to do to chase up recalcitrant admin staff in order to ensure I get paid, or that the lectures are recorded…… it is farcical and infuriating, and I’m very glad that I meditate every day, because I would probably resort to violence otherwise.

the teaching itself is wonderful – and however exploitative, precarious and fleeting my current appointment is – the students and the work is utterly delightful, and I hope to have paid back my visa overdraft by the end of next month too….

the course, as I inherited it, already included a blogging component, however this consisted of posting notes on the subject blackboard. this year, I’ve encouraged students to set up their own open source blogs – and I’m keeping my own blog about the subject too.

So if I’m not posting here, then it’s because I’m posting here: 

I started the blog as a demo page during a tutorial, but I’m updating bits regularly, and will ask students if they want to link their pages to it as well.

Ian Millis must be proud, surely. The nascent twig of our ‘open source art school’ blog did eventually flower in other areas. Lucas Ihlein runs his courses at Wollonging Uni through this blog and I am doing my very best to do something similar at La Trobe…..

and I’m giving a lecture at Melbourne Free University this Tuesday night too!

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